Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lovely new items and New Year Plans!

Only a short post today; I'm trying to reorganise myself after all the Christmas craft stalls, jewellery parties and the end of the craft exhibition. It certainly was a busy couple of months!

Well, last year proved to be somewhat of a learning curve. What I can say is that jewellery parties were a big success, I only did two of them but they proved to be a lot more profitable than the craft stalls as there's no competition and no hire charge; so this year that is definitely the way to go, plenty of jewellery parties!

So into the new year! I finally got round to adding some new bits and pieces to my shop; I've still got a tonne of things to put on there so do pop back and check if you've got a mo. I'm trying to work on doing more of my jewellery in sterling silver now. I've also added my new Funky Chunky Crochet Bracelet, which is part of a new baby proof range I designed for my sister so she could wear jewellery without the littleun eating it! Well she still eats it but it's safe and indestructable!

Finally, my exhibition closes on Friday but it was successful with thirteen pieces selling and some kept to be sold in the shop as a permanent feature! That's all for now, sorry about the delay in writing - I will try and do better next time!