Sunday, 4 October 2009

New to blogging!


So this is all very new :) Can't say I've ever done one of these before but I'll try and make it as interesting as I possibly can!

So, here we are, Sunday 4th October, nearly 7 months since I opened up my Etsy shop after much encouragement from friend and fellow crafter Victoria aka Wiggle (please see her shop - So why start a blog? Well honestly I just thought it would be a fun thing to do and my boyfriend has been busily cleaning cars all morning so I thought why not, lets start one.

Right well, first things first a little bit about me - I've been making jewellery for years and years, since I was very young - you should see my earliest creations, they're hysterical, but bless my Mum for still wearing some of them!!!! Luckily, with much practice and a few disasters I felt good enough to open my own shop - Rhubarb. I make lots of unique and elegant jewellery using wire, sterling silver, various beads in all different shapes, sizes and colours, buttons, gemstones and well just about anything I can get my hands on. I'd love to get into using textiles too but that's a whole new skill so watch this space!!!

I come from a very crafty/arty family, we all do something. My sister is soon to open her own shop (Flat Rabbit) with gorgeous children's wall hangings and clocks, if I can work out how I'll get her to do a little interview here on my blog so you can all see. My other sister is fantastic at handmade cards and knitting, my brother is a landscape architect and so is brilliant at photographs and drawing and my sister-in-law is another brilliant artist who can do pretty much anything she puts her mind to. So as you can imagine, I get much encouragement and most people get handmade presents for birthdays and Christmas!

So that's me in a nutshell! Right, I'm going to try and post this and if that works then I'll tell you about some of my newest developments!!!


  1. Welcome to blog world! Your life will never be the same! :D

  2. Well done on starting a blog! And thanks for the mention :)