Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Treasuries, Jewellery Parties & New Designs

It's been an eventful day today. After a gorgeous walk in our local woods, taking in all the Autumn colours and seeing a lovely herd of deer I got back to find my burnt orange Halloween squiggles have been included in a lovely Autumn treasury on Etsy by Flashforward, I'm really excited about it, it's great to be picked out from all the thousands of shops! Thank you Flashforward :)

Other exciting news... I'm going to hold my first ever Rhubarb jewellery party at the end of November. It does mean that I've got a lot of making to do, I figured if I make loads of examples that I can sell and then take my jewellery portfolio for people to look through that should be enough :/ Well I hope so anyway!!! I figured it'll be like a mini, informal craft stall. I'll report back in November to say whether it was successful or not, I've got to work out some kind of gift/bonus for the host now.

And finally... I've been playing again and I ended up making another simplistic but elegant new earring design - they remind me of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics so, here they are - sterling hieroglyphs - Let me know what you think!!!

Well, no jewellery making tomorrow, my friend is down to visit tomorrow and then on Thursday I'm shopping in Nottingham - might have to pop into the bead shop though ;)

Love, Autumn leaves and Etsy treasuries!


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